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Video Marketing Experts

We highly recommend video marketing to our clients, here are a few reasons why. Having video on your landing pages increases conversion by eighty percent. Ninety percent of people say that videos helped them make a decision in the buying process. Sixty four percent of people are more likely to buy your product online after watching a video. Fifty percent of executives look for more information about your service after watching a video. Ninety two percent of mobile users share videos with others. Talk to us about we can help you use this powerful medium to increase your business.

Google Certified

We are Baltimore SEO, Google certified professionals who will get your website to the top of the search results. Imagine having your business on the corner of the busiest street you know. That’s exactly what having your companies website on the first page of Google does for your online traffic. For example, when people search “insert city” and “your service here” and you show up on the first page, your sales increase.

What We Do

Return On Investment

When you're trying to grow your business you want to make sure you have an obvious return on your investments. Our SEO services can be completely paid for by making just a couple sales per month. After making the smart decision to get long term results through online exposure your mind will rest at ease knowing your company will have a steady flow of new customers coming in.

Our Partnership

We're always here for our clients and keep an open door policy at all times. By hiring us to help grow your business we determine how and where you want growth, then get to work. If you ever have any questions or want any updates you'll have the ability to reach me on my personal cell phone and email. We're in this together for long term results.

Monthly Reports

Each and every month you will get a report informing you of all the progress, important updates and changes in your company's online rankings. We evaluate your competition and find ways to surpass them on the web while securing you positions that make your business more visible to potential new customers.


We aren't just SEO and SEM experts, but we are also a part of an exclusive mastermind SEO community that includes the smartest SEOs in the world. Have you ever hear the expression "iron sharpens iron"? That's what our community provides by sharing up-to-date strategies, actions and the know-how to keep our services cutting edge and ahead of all the other competition.

Our Services

On Page Optimization

On page SEO looks at all the different components of your site. Do you know what are the most profitable keywords for your industry and are you focusing on them? Mobile searches have surpassed desktop, is your website mobile friendly? Is your site easy for Google to read and understand? Is your content both relevant, current and is it information that people will want to share? A misstep in any one of these factors can mean the difference between being on the top spot of page one, to being on page two or beyond.

Off Page Optimization

The goal of off page SEO is to represent you as the go to authority in your market. We accomplish this by creating layers of both social signals and network sites that will send high quality links back to your website. It's equally important that we clean up any spammy links you might already have, as these will lead to penalties from Google.

Video, Social Media and Paid Advertising

Facebook can be a great place to advertise as a small business because you can be very specific about who and where you want to market to. Pay Per Click can be used for both local and national keyword searches. Video marketing on YouTube is a great way to get your name out there especially if you want to do product demos. How do you determine which will generate the highest ROI? ....Leave it to us. After talking about what your short term and long term goals are for your business online we will find the exact best fit for you and your business. We leave no stone unturned and take the action that best suits your companies needs.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

By getting a full understanding of your business and the customers it serves, we use laser like precision to find the customers that are already looking for you. Creating campaigns in this manner give you peace of mind that your advertising dollars are getting real results. Say goodbye to the billboard days where you are hoping that the right person looks up and sees your ad.

Competitor Analysis

When coming on board with us we not only look into how your business can growth and thrive. We also take a look at your biggest competitors to see what they've been doing to steal your customers out from under you. By gaining this knowledge we develop the best plan of action to make sure this comes to an end and you can now become the king of the hill.

Video Marketing

Have a great company video that isn't getting the traction it deserves? Or a product demo that should be leaving people searching for the “BUY NOW” button. If you have video that is under-performing and not getting the attention it deserves, we can help build the audience and create the exposure it should be getting. You spent the time and money making it right? Now isn't it time it gets the results you intended!

Google My Business Ranking

Have you ever done a Google search for a local business or service and a little map on the first page shows up with tiny markers showing you where you can find local businesses that fit that description? And wonder why your business isn’t showing up? This is actually one of the first things people see when they do a Google search on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet (60% of all searches done in 2015 will be on mobiles devices). Are people seeing your company?


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